Small – scale tea growers produce most of the tea in Kenya. These tea is picked exclusively by hand and mostly by women (75%).  These workers often face human rights abuses, crippling low wages and health issues caused by the backbreaking work of picking tea.

LEAFBERRI sources and markets Fair Trade Certified Purple Tea.  Fair Trade offers producers stable prices, a Fair Trade premium (paid on top of the agreed Fair trade price) which is used to invest in local communities and empower farmers and workers. It also sets standards for safe working conditions, sustainable wages and encourages farming and production practices that are environmentally sustainable.

Want to stir up change in your tea cup? Choose LEAFBERRI Fair Trade Certified Purple Tea.

LEAFBERRI is also proud to support and donate to Toto Care Box Africa Trust, a Kenyan NGO on a mission to reduce infant and maternal mortality in under-served local communities. The organization provides a FREE Toto Care Box to each expectant mother. The box is a maternal care package that contains items for the mother and newborn to ensure that the mother has what she needs to care for her newborn child for the first 28 days of life which are the most critical.

For more information and donation opportunities, please visit their website www.totocarebox.org