About Us

LEAFBERRI is a tea company powered by a good cause. To market purple tea, a new super anti-oxidant rich premium tea leaf variety currently only grown in Kenya. Purple tea is mainly grown in the Central Highlands and Rift Valley region of Kenya.

Tea farming plays an integral role in sustaining the livelihoods of small scale tea farmers like my family who reside in the Central Kenyan Highlands and have been farming tea for generations. The proceeds from tea farming have allowed us to meet the basic needs for my family and the local community. For this purpose, LEAFBERRI was created not only to capture the added value of the new tea variety for that consumer seeking a tea product that is pure, natural and packed with healthy attributes, but to help boost that small scale farmer in Kenya who will use the proceeds to provide the basic necessities for their families and create a sustainable livelihood.

Our Mission

To serve our customers organically grown premium purple tea for a pure, natural and refreshing taste experience.

Our Vision

To create economic opportunities and improve the livelihoods of the local small scale tea farmer.

Our Values

LEAFBERRI’s 3 Core Values are:

  • Quality – Consistently provide a quality purple tea to our customers.
  • Integrity – Honest about the ingredients utilized for our purple tea products.
  • Excellence – Provide consistent excellent customer service to our customers.